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in the Swiss healthcare environment with the communication platform mednet.

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... more than 8000 Swiss doctors with institutions - laboratories, hospitals, MRI's, etc.

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We are always working to satisfy the new requirements of the Healthcare environment and to implement them in the best possible way for you.

About us

A wonderful story

The use of computer science, the Internet and telecommunications is just as indispensable in medicine and health care as Konrad Zuse is in the development of the computer.

With our products and services, we ensure a secure, efficient and cost-effective electronic data exchange, bridging the gap between different healthcare players.

Our interface management, the easy handling as well as the simple integration into the existing IT infrastructure have become established in all parts of the country.




mednet is our solution for electronic data exchange between medical practices and institutions such as hospitals, laboratories, X-ray centers, and other health care providers.

With mednet, you can electronically send everything you've received or sent by post.

The reports and results obtained by mednet from your laboratory, hospital, X-ray center or other partners are directly and automatically assigned to the patient in his electronic record.

All orders to institutions or SUVA forms can be sent efficiently with mednet's form management including patient master data and selected medical data.

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